Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekly Transferred to China Mail

Transfer news: They're opening mainland China and I have been selected from a number of Asian missions to open it, yo.

I added a few more people to my weekly email list so if you are on here but don't want weekly emails please reply and let me know!

Ferreal Transfer news: all four of us are staying in Nobeoka! We're all (legitimately, not just pretending to be) way excited for this transfer. Nobeoka is the beeest.

My prayers have been answered so greatly this past week, we were finally able to meet with three of our progressing investigators (all 2 of who we haven't been able to meet with for almost 2 weeks), one (Miku) with a baptisimal date on Aug 23. I'll be honest, I'm a terrible teacher, and the Spirit is so incredibly necessary! My testimony of that has grown so strong this last week.
I have prayed so hard that the Lord will prepare a way for them to meet with us, and they were all able to do that, and are able to meet this coming week!

One investigator, Umeda, is progressing really well, is feeling the Spirit whenever we meet, and has commited to meeting us three times a week. She hasn't accepted a baptismal date yet but she is so very close - she reads and prays, but is just a little nervous to come to Church! We are really hoping to work well with the branch this week to have joints in our lessons with her to really befriend her and have them help her feel welcome.

Yasuyo, the mother of our favourite Nobeokan family (she's separated), is progressing too. She hasn't accepted a baptismal date but I absolutely KNOW that this is the week that she finally will. Last night we taught a lesson about faith with her family, on Alma 32 which she read beforehand. It was the first time we were able to meet with the family together, we gave Book of Mormons with our testimonies in them to the teenagers, set up a return appointment (which has been next to impossible over the last few weeks - but like I said, our prayers are really being answered!) but the biggest event in the lesson was when we asked Yasuyo to explain faith, explain what we had been sharing, with her kids in her own words. And during this time, it was like she really finally got it, and, in a way, caught herself realising that faith leads to stability and direction - something that she wants and needs. (taken from her own words)

Definitely the best meeting with her so far, she is progressing for sure. Extending the baptisimal date (again) tomorrow night as we teach the Restoration to her family (which we already taught her).

I love them! Here are some photos with them. Also Yuto, the eldest, has Neon Genesis Evangelion manga so he is number 1 forever.
Also Elder Keikyu likes his new seat cover.

We had a game night with a bunch of people that came so that was fun.

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