Sunday, April 3, 2016

Last Blog Post of my Mission!

Very eventful week! Started teaching a man named Taira who is in a wheelchair but is gun-ho about Church and being baptized, so we set a date with him for February, met with Tim and watched cheesy 80s seminary videos, had an incredible baptisimal service for 17 year old Kinjou Yuuto (coolest guy ever), took way too many photos at my final Eikaiwa (English Class), ate a bunch of Japan-ified Mexican food, ate American food with American families, celebrated Christmas early at our Japanese ward Christmas party, said goodbye for two weeks to the members here in Okinawa (since my family and I will be here again then), and had one more party last night for the missionaries who are leaving.

We have been doing a lot of finding, it still feels a little too surreal that I'm finishing my missionary service soon, because we've been keeping up with all our usual activities and doing our best to find people to teach and stretch our faith. Only this week I have been getting lots of presents! 

Not sure what to write aside from I'm grateful that I came out here, never regretted it. Personally I feel changed, which I was hoping would happen when I came out here, but more than that I have seen a change in many others - investigators, recent converts, companions and members. I didn't realize that this is how it would end up but I'm far more satisfied about other people's growth than mine. I learnt that that is what really brings joy! Loving and helping others. Who would have thought!
Another thing that has changed is my faith. I came to Japan believing I was here to stretch my abilities and not baptize anyone, but I was wrong about that, and Heavenly Father humbled me and strengthened me to do so much more than I was expecting. This probably isn't the greatest climax to my Weekly Emails, but I love the Gospel, I love the Lord and I love all the people I have met over my two years in Japan. Not quite ready for the next stage of my life - I have another whole two days to get ready for that!

I'm still super lame and say dumb things, so you can all look forward to that. Got dear john'd somewhere along the way, so guess I'm single, now, too. See some of you in a few weeks.