Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekly Hisashiburi Mail

Last time I e-mailed was a few days ago on Christmas, so let me tell your everything that has happened in between then and now.

Grandma Tanaka came back to Nakatsu from Nepal and brought some Christmas presents back for us (see photo). We had Christmas dinner with her and her husband, and brought our almost-investigator Kajiwara-san. We made Christmas cards for each member, including something we're grateful for about them and a thank you note. We talked to a lot of people about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. And heaps of funny stuff too but email time is when I get my maji on and pretend like I'm not a baka. 

Love Elder Wheeler

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Weekly Christmas Mail

Merry Christmas!

Last night we had a Christmas activity here in Nakatsu (north of the south-main island of Japan, Kyushu) which had a great turn out! Hope you all have a great Christmas, because I certainly am. Here, enjoy some photos. 

Tell me which is your favourite.

Love Elder Wheeler

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekly Water Mail

We dendo'd a bunch this week, and my companion is in the close-to-dying stages of a cold (not really), but we also ate a lot of hotto motto this week.

We invited a guy we were housing to be baptized and he this was what his response would be like if it were in English 'yeah man I go to this waterfall like every year and go under this waterfall and get wet and it's way sick, water is so good isn't it'

We also housed this American girl and we were like 'we usually do this in japanese, what do we say now?' but she was way cool and didn't hate on our clumsiness and we invited her to check out the He Is The Gift video on

Christmas is soon so we are doing 12 days of Christmas with our investigator Etou-san, by finding nice little things to do for her every day and then we are giving her the Joy To The World DVD as a gift!

That's all, 
Love Elder Wheeler

Selfie with santa hat the Nobeoka members gave me, my companions glasses, and the sweetest birthday necklace my papa (Elder Rogers) gave me for my birthday, with my dying companion in the background and his spider man toy.

Other photo is our matching ties. Yeah!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Nakatsu Mail

I was transferred from Nobeoka to Nakatsu, another pretty rural area (my specialty!) which has about a 10 member branch here. They already treat me like their best friend so I feel especially loved!

Yesterday was my birthday and because President loves me so much he brought all the missionaries (not on islands) to Fukuoka, the capital of the mission, and had a sweet conference/special training from the director of the MTC, Brother Heaton.

My new companion Elder Malaska is way too funny, especially his wake up calls that involve him speaking like a Radio announcer, chugging some fanta and then accidentally spitting it out all over the ground, all before I have finished my morning prayers. 

I love Nokeoka and all my friends there, but I am so ready for Nakatsu and all the adventures this place will bring! Also I have been a missionary for a year, that's scary. 

Photos are our last Eikaiwa in Nobeoka, and then the last photo we took together before I left on the train!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekly Wheatley Mail

Elder Wheatley goes home this week, he finishes his mission, so we visit a million people so you will recieve a million photos.

Investigator Update!
Yasuyo, mother of our investigator family who Elder Culverwell and I found and started teaching back in July, has come to Church a few times recently - even though we haven't been able to teach her all transfer because she has been busy. She came this past week, and so did Elder Tashiro, and area seventy who also did a great fireside after Church which Yasuyo stayed for. In fact, Elder Tashiro really directed and applied it to Yasuyo and helped her see what a miracle it was that she started learning about the Gospel, and how it has and can continue to help her and change her life. After the fireside they spent quite some time talking, too. I know Yasuyo had a spiritual experience and after a while of her not really going anywhere, I really feel like she is ready to start hearing the lessons and progressing again.
Last night we had our last lesson with Asuka, a long time investigator. She has a number of problems, but last night we had a really spiritual lesson in which we were able to identify the Spirit, and testify that we knew that she could feel it too. Same as Yasuyo, I feel like Asuka is really starting to progress and to go somewhere.

Photos: Elder Tashiro and I, our branch with him, and then our last lesson with Asuka and also Watanabe Shimai who is the BEST member missionary

We did service, pulled out a tree, had lunch with our man Mayan who is the coolest Nihonjin on the island(s), and had dinner with the famous Nobeoka family - the Kais.

Had another dinner at an Italian-like restaurant, checked out some okay swords, and visited Haruka and took some weird photos like usual I guess

Elder Wheatley's face, Elder Cope and Ayaka shredding the piano/violin combo, Final Maccas adventure with Tomohiro and Yamamoto Shimai (a Less-Active we have been working with) and her family we met for the first time this week.