Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekly Bonfire Mail

Yosh. On Friday we had a Bonfire complete with smores, Eikaiwa students, some new friends, a few members and some yodaki like rain. It started raining pretty lightly, so we just continued under some umbrellas (as seen in the photo) but then it got way heavy after an hour and a half but it was fun while it lasted!

On Sunday we had an open house and thanksgiving activity which was great too. Our members are the absolute best!

We also went to the Fukuoka Temple with our branch, an easy four hour drive up. Was way cool, but some of the other members snuck off before we got our photo.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekly Dendro Mail

Good week.
We commited to go finding for 3 hours every day, and we saw a few miracles and gained a few potential investigators.
So, yeah!

Here's a photo of us eating with our Branch President.

I forgot to say this but this week we put forth our faith and commited to finding for 3 hours a day, along with the rest of the mission. We did it and had almost 50 random-at-the-door (best way to describe it I guess?) lessons which is incredible and was really fun.
One man we found on the street and invited him to Church, and he came the next day, and will meet with us this week. What a miracle!
I have come to love finding more than I did before, and I felt like I have really grown from this week!

Love Elder Wheeler

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly dendo mail

This past week we went up to Kumamoto for Zone Conference, had some fun at Sushi Rooo-whatever, took another dumb photo with my Dad Elder Rogers who is Kumamoto zone leader, had a sweet Family Home Evening activity at our Church which included Tim Tam Slams, aaaand took a lot of photos. So prepare yourselves.

Love Elder Wheeler

Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekly Sakana deeesu mail

Since Umeda's baptism most of our investigators have dropped so we have been doing quite a bit of finding lately! Umeda is the best though.

We had stake conference this week so I was reunited again with my Dad, and also some other good guys.
On another day we ate fish and went in to the woods.