Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly Deer Head Mail

Second last week of my mission, want to know what we did?
Bought a deer head and took lots of sub-par videos, had a huge Christmas party with Americans, taught a bunch of people including kids and went out to go housing with a recently returned missionary from Guatemala. He speaks English and Spanish, the two languages no one else here speaks, so we translated for him. We found some people and went back a few days later with him and taught them, probably one of the most interesting finding experiences I've had. I hope to do the same after my mission, but hopefully translating my Broken-Japanese-English to Bogan-Straya-English wont be too hard.
Our zone is seeing some incredible miracles, prepared people committing to be baptized are popping out of every corner in every area (literally), and it's because of the increase of faith everyone in the mission has gained recently. I can see the Lord's hand in the work more now than I have ever been able to. 
If I had one piece of advice to give to the missionaries back home leaving for their missions soon, I would suggest focus on showing your faith to God and baptizing people, instead of what many people do and not worry about baptizing because they heard not many people get baptized in whatever mission they're going to. That's a lie, in every mission there are missionaries with enough faith who baptize many - be that kind of missionary. If you are "serving your mission because you love the Lord" then serve to baptize our brothers and sisters, not to just "serve to grow personally." If you do that you will grow and have joy in bringing others to Christ (D&C 18:10-16). I was too ineffective for too much of my mission because I didn't have faith to baptize, to put it bluntly.
One week left, still a little too surreal to believe but no slowing down here. 

Photos: Christmas Party, free food, and the usefulness of English class flyers - you can never trust public restrooms.