Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Nakatsu Mail

I was transferred from Nobeoka to Nakatsu, another pretty rural area (my specialty!) which has about a 10 member branch here. They already treat me like their best friend so I feel especially loved!

Yesterday was my birthday and because President loves me so much he brought all the missionaries (not on islands) to Fukuoka, the capital of the mission, and had a sweet conference/special training from the director of the MTC, Brother Heaton.

My new companion Elder Malaska is way too funny, especially his wake up calls that involve him speaking like a Radio announcer, chugging some fanta and then accidentally spitting it out all over the ground, all before I have finished my morning prayers. 

I love Nokeoka and all my friends there, but I am so ready for Nakatsu and all the adventures this place will bring! Also I have been a missionary for a year, that's scary. 

Photos are our last Eikaiwa in Nobeoka, and then the last photo we took together before I left on the train!

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