Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekly Water Mail

We dendo'd a bunch this week, and my companion is in the close-to-dying stages of a cold (not really), but we also ate a lot of hotto motto this week.

We invited a guy we were housing to be baptized and he this was what his response would be like if it were in English 'yeah man I go to this waterfall like every year and go under this waterfall and get wet and it's way sick, water is so good isn't it'

We also housed this American girl and we were like 'we usually do this in japanese, what do we say now?' but she was way cool and didn't hate on our clumsiness and we invited her to check out the He Is The Gift video on

Christmas is soon so we are doing 12 days of Christmas with our investigator Etou-san, by finding nice little things to do for her every day and then we are giving her the Joy To The World DVD as a gift!

That's all, 
Love Elder Wheeler

Selfie with santa hat the Nobeoka members gave me, my companions glasses, and the sweetest birthday necklace my papa (Elder Rogers) gave me for my birthday, with my dying companion in the background and his spider man toy.

Other photo is our matching ties. Yeah!

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