Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Energetic! Mail

Survived an Earthquake!

Met Chad Brad, the cobba I sat next to all those years ago at the MTC, the bloke who got his last name from the first name store, at Mission President Interviews/Training! My douki is the best!
Mission President is super happy with us and our area, and he said to remember a lot of the joy comes from the journey, not just the end result! Our Kaicho is the best!

The mother of our investigator family, has taken us back and now we are best buds again! She let us pray with her and said it was okay to start sharing messages again! Also! She gave us each a photo frame with a collage of photos we have all taken together! Our investigators are the best!

We went on companion exchanges, and Elder Cope and I found ourselves surrounded by a group of 6 kids, so we started preaching - Alma style - and they sat down in front of us listening, so we invited them all to be baptised but they started stoning us so we escaped! But before we were attacked by rocks (yeah that bit wasn't a joke) they proselyted with us, and took us to the doors in the neighbourhood that had people behind them! It must have been a strange sight for someone to open the door and see two white people and a bunch of kids around them, talking to them about Jesus! Our dendo is the best!

Our progressing investigator Umeda came to Church again! But it is really hard for her, she has trouble in social situations but we are making sure everyone is her friend! Our branch members are the best!

What is even cooler is that after so many times of inviting her, she finally accepted the invitation to be baptised on September 20! We set it as a goal and she has a few things she wants to overcome, but she is reading and praying and putting in that effort so I know the Lord will help her!

This month our Mission President set at goal for each companionship to have 2 baptisimal dates by the end of the month! As those of you who have been following my emails know we were close to smashing that goal, but nek minute! (I know that was never cool, but I will have you all know I still use it in my daily speech. Feel free to bring me up to date on what teenagers say now) So! We finally got that one with Umeda this weekend, then we had one day left! We had two appointments where we were planning on setting a baptisimal date with those people, but they fell through - we had 2 and a half hours so we hit the streets! I don't think I have ever dendo'd that hard before but incredibly enough we met someone along the street who not only accepted the invitation to be baptised, not only accepted the invitation to be baptised on October 11, not only asked us to exchange numbers, but also let us know all his days off and set up an appointment with us this week! What a miracle!

And I will end it there!

Photos - The same photo I sent last week, but this time with more people because the Stake Leaders came

Missionaries with our investigator Umeda (left) and Sister Kuroki, our Ward Mission Leader's wife

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