Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekly kuyashikunakatta Mail

This week was full-on! So much happened, here are some highlights.
Yasuyo and her family, our investigator family who kind of dropped us a week weeks ago, are back in full, we have visited her and her family a heap, and she told us she will listen to our messages again. She and her daughter Yuri also came to Church for the third time (first time since we were dropped) and then that day she spent 45 mins on the phone to Elder Culverwell expressing her feelings - that she is seriously considering the Church. That made for a perfect opportunity for us to invite her to start reading and praying again!
We taught Umeda, who has a baptisimal date for the 20th, a number of the commandments and she came to Church for the third time, but this week, she came wearing a skirt and was happy to sit up closer to the front next to Watanabe Shimai (who has been fellowshipping her) - both for the first time ever. She has gained so much more confidence and faith over the last two months, I am so excited for her! I can see her changing, and she has been so very accepting of everything since we set her baptismal date!
We also have two new solid investigators from this week who we both taught and set up new appointments with, so Nobeoka is really moving forward and I am so glad to be a part of it!!

Our Mission President set a goal for 200 people to be at Church this past Sunday, across the mission, so we gambaru'd and reached it! From that my faith grew so much.

Also heaps more stuff happened but you have no time to read any more so look at the photos, miss me, then get off your computer and go dendo.


Photos: Kuroki Kyodai & Shimai, our ward mission leader and ward missionary - we had a barbeque with them last week. Mecha oishikatta

We went to this cool place and took a photo because it's transfer calls and someone is going to leave *cough* Keikyu Choro.

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