Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekly nanbashiyottoka Mail

That's Kummamoto ben for 'what are you doing!'

Elder Culverwell, my companion was transferred to my bean area - Ishigaki! I have a new companion who is two transfers away from dying, Elder Wheatley from Idaho. Elder Keikyu, the other missionary in Nobeoka, was transferred to Miyako, the island next to Ishigaki.

Yesterday we did this crazy activity in like some jungle and that was way sick.

I have too many photos to send to write a good email so here is what I wrote to Kaicho, livin' large in the copy and paste life.

Elder Wheatley is a good bloke, and already we have seen some fair dinkum miracles!

Umeda, our progressing investigator with a baptismal date, doesn't feel ready for baptism just now, and has a few problems with her family, but I can tell you she has becoming more and more ready. She has made lots of changes in her life, she is living the word of wisdom and reads the Book of Mormon for half an hour each night before she sleeps no matter what. She came to Church for the fourth time this week!

Yasuyo, the Mum of our investigator family, was well-receiving of us this week as it was the first time we attempted to share a scripture with her in a while and it turned into a great discussion about God where, again, in her own words and thoughts caught herself in a state of realization that, contrary to what she's thought her whole life, relying on God can bring so many more blessings than a life not. Great step in the right direction for her and her family, since we have been rebuilding our relationship with them!

Mayumi, our new investigator who was a referral from our less-active member, is amazing! She came to Church and accepted a baptismal date for October. In her words 'I want to be baptized, because I want to be clean.'

So there's that!
Awesome week, as always, and I feel like I am working closer and closer with the Lord as each prayer, each disappointment and each triumph passes! Elder Culverwell did so much for this area so I am so excited for him in Ishigaki - my old area!

Photos: Elder Culverwell and I at Yasuyo's and her family's house with a few friends the night before he transferred.
Our last photo!

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