Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Kumamotes Mail

I'm in Kumamoto city, a 4 hour bus ride from our area, and today we are going to check out this castle and tomorrow we are getting training from our leaders. Last night I stayed at my dad's house. He is really proud of me now that I am a big boy.

This old dude at a vege store was so fascinated with my companion, Elder Wheatley, and I (being gaijin), so much so that he grabbed my companions face and is like, "Yep, this is the face of an American," and grabs my face and moves it around a little "Yep, this is the face of an Australian." So that was flattering.

Mayumi, our investigator with a baptisimal date for next month, met with us and her friend who is a less-active member who referred Mayumi to us, and we taught them an awesome lesson. Before we even brought it up, Mayumi mentioned her baptisimal date and said she will be baptised on that date. She said she wants the gift of the Holy Ghost and it really seems like she has a sincere desire!

Umeda came to Church for the fifth week in a row, her insecurity about her family's view on religion is what has been stopping her from really commiting to being baptised, although she had a date recently (the date has now passed). We taught her this week about Temples and Family History and even gave her a My Family pamphlet to fill out with information and stories about her relatives and ancestors - and she absolutely loved it! We told her that we know she can be baptised in the near future and that we will want to make another goal with her to work towards, as the recent one has passed - and she, unexpectedly to be honest, said that she would like to make a goal for within 3 months (earlier in the week she said if she makes a goal to be baptised it won't be for a year). Her testimony is growing stronger and stronger every day, and so is her desire to be baptised.

Also this old guy we met at a party on my previous companion's, Elder Culverwell, last day turned up to Church today.. he is way hard to understand though but he is preatty cool! Old dude rocks this snapback, he knows how the real world is. Word.

Photos wa our district went out to lunch in Beppu and we took a dumb picture, us four Nobeokans took a dumb picture together, and my Dad, Elder Rogers, were working out when someone took a dumb picture of us. 


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