Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Wabi-Sabi Mail

This week we were able to pick up one of our investigators who we thought 'fizzed out,' and taught her twice! We spent a lesson teaching her about the Atonement, which I have really been feeling is something we need to focus more on. In return, I have learnt more specifically what the Atonement means to me which has been a great blessing!
It is really amazing how much you can learn about yourself, and benefit yourself, from not even focusing on yourself - but on these beautiful children of God who we are working with!

Our investigator Umeda who we have been teaching for a month and a half who has been just a little to shy to come to Church came this week. She overcame a huge wall this week. Her friend who is less-active came also, it was wonderful sitting with them in the congregation!

Went out to dinner (which we don't actually do all that much, but it brings a good photo taking opportunity, so that's why all my photos are at restaurants haha) with our member who we have been working with recently, Shoko Shimai! And she brought a friend who we were able to meet and hope to meet again soon :). She also taught us what wabi-sabi means.

The other photo attached is how I look every day when I dendo.
Okay but really, that isn't even a tie. It's one of those belts you buy to put on your suitcase so you know which one is yours after a flight when it comes out on a conveyer belt. It is too trunky-mitai to be used outside of the apartment for now though so don't worry about that.

Hey thanks for reading, please write back. I have no friends.

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