Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly mushi mushi Mail

This week has been the hardest of my mission so far, but don't worry, because at the end of next month this email will say 'this month has been the best of my life so far.'

Here is an experience,

At one point earlier in the week, I felt like I was going to burn out. I had never put so much energy, time, thought and prayer in to someone, who (at that time) seemed like she might not continue progressing. Our other progressing investigator pulled out of our appointments, and didn't come to church, and we haven't met with her in over a week now.
I feel like I have grown to learn a little the way the Lord works with me, so discouragement was not an option!
We met with a lady who has been praying and reading for weeks, since my second week when we first met her (but have been unable to visit her). She has a baptisimal date for next month now, and I know this Gospel will fit her every need, specifically her want to grow closer to God, and, in her own words, "be saved."

The witness doesn't come until after the trial of faith, I have a testimony of that for sure!

So yeah, lots happening here. My Japanese still sucks. And today is transfer calls, so excuse me while I go throw up from being nervous as I always am.

Photos: Two of our members we visited, way cool.

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