Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly Miracles Letter. I know I already used that title but it applies really well!

Right now I'm in Kumamoto city, a 4 hour bus ride from our area, today we had zone conference and we get back to Nobeoka tomorrow afternoon. This week there is apparently a typhoon coming so we will be making sure to stock up on water and maybe some chocolate too!

Crazy miracles this week.
The first, we found a man while streeting, and taught him the next day (tuesday) and committed him to be baptised on the 26th of this month. Don't get too excited - we had the lesson at the Church and we had the wrong phone number. He was meant to come to another lesson two days later, but for whatever reason he never showed up. Went from feeling maybe the best I have felt on my mission so far one night, to lost and a little sick even, the next few. Lots of prayer and faith that I will learn what I am meant to from this experience - because I know the Lord only gives us what we need to learn and grow, so I hope I can see it from His perspective and learn what I am supposed to.

Maybe these two miracles are related and this is a result of the consequences of the last (not sure, still trying to figure it all out still) but we had a lesson with a member referral, named Miku. She is in her mid-20s and she brought a friend who had never met any of us. We had one of the most spiritual lessons I have been apart of in my almost 7 months of being a missionary (ahhh yeah gettin' old these days), her friend was crying and asked if she could read the Book of Mormon after we read scriptures from it, they both are interested in being baptised after learning more about it, both commited to pray every day, and Miku said the closing prayer. It was the first time they had really heard people tell them that God loves them and knows them, and wants them to be happy.. and the effect just a simple doctrine like that had on them was enormous. Miku came to Church - I fasted that she would come and have a spiritual experience and want to come again - she came, she said that she felt really good inside, and said on a number of occasions that she wants to come again.

Two different miracles, but both really built my faith this week, after weeks of goal setting and trudging on through all the kekos and rejections, trying to find that person we KNEW was being prepared for us. And Elder Culverwell and I have a really good feeling about Miku (and her friend). So yeah!

Dude my emails are so majide these days, gomen.
Here are some photos

We did these two sweet English classes were basically we just spoke English and made a bunch of students laugh for an hour and a half then took a huge photo all together, and also ate tacos with Satou Kyodai, a member in Nobeoka!

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