Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Bijin Letter

This week we took a 2 hour train ride to another city for District Meeting, which apparently we do every week, so our Tuesdays will pretty much naku naru. Also I have been out for 200 days, corr blimey.
I have been showing my photos to every one of the members and our investigators this week, and about 6 or 7 different people said my Mum looked young, most said she looked maybe 30 at the most (she's 40...something..wasurechatta, gomen Mum!). Also most people call my sister and Jen bijin (which means like beautiful person) all the time, but yesterday this one member did this huge gasp and called my Mum a bijin, so that was pretty funny.
Japanese kids are crazy, there was way too much kancho-ing going on at Church yesterday..
It feels good to be out on the streets and sharing the Gospel with people now! It feels like I haven't done it in a long time.
At Church we had about 30 people there, which is huge!! We had a few people from stake so it was really great. I gave a self introduction and a testimony, and it was the first time I had born my testimony to more than 15 people at Church (in Japan of course) before.
And lastly, all our investigators are 19-30 years old so pray for them so they can be baptised and serve missions and be sealed in the Temple! :)

-Train ride to District Meeting

-Lunch with the ward 

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