Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekly Kaere Mail

We had a culture night on Saturday, we had three rooms, Australia, Hawaii and California, and in each room we had a presentation, activity and a food sample. In mine, Australia, my guests were treated to some videos of native Australian animals, horrified when I said we eat Kangaroo, learnt about Australian Football and were able to finally comprehend that it's not like American Football, Soccer or Rugby (such a struggle for people to accept), tried some Vegemite and cheese sandwiches, and each gave a go at a Tim Tam Slam! Cho tanoshikatta. 

It's transfers today and hopefully I don't almost throw up like last transfer calls (they just make me so nervous, you know!), but on Sunday I was talking to our branch president, and I told him how when I got here I couldn't understand a single word he said - because he talks so fast, and that when I got here I said I won't transfer until I could understand him. Well, we had an entire conversation where I was understanding everything he was saying and vice versa... Could it be my time to leave Ishigaki?! Stay tuned.

We went on companion exchange yesterday, for our last non-someone-might-be-transferring-maybe-maybe-not-day of the transfer. Elder Kishihara and I were reunited! This older guy came running to the door, opened it, yelled 'kaere' (command form of, like, return home) and shut it before we could even open our mouths to say hi. That was fun.

Our investigators took us out to eat again, must be a gesture of thanks for converting him to AFL (for real, he loves it).

Oh, and yeah, it's hot. Like, really hot.

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