Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekly Cockroaches & Charmanders Mail

Alright well it's blazing hot here, I got pitstains worst than you could imagine, it's so humid it feels like a completely different world stepping outside, and there are cockroaches and charmanders everywhere.. but I never want to leave! 

An elderly Missionary couple called the Ishii's came to Ishigaki this week, they will be here for a whole year! They are so fun and inspiring, Elder Ishii served with our Mission President, President Gustafson, during their missions back in the goold ol' days.

The youngest child of the Yonaha family (the best family ever, who are moving to Brazil next week, who make up half our branch) was baptised on Saturday! It was a beautiful experience to see Kei's baptism, performed by her Father who is a great friend of the missionaries. It was in the ocean at this sweet beach, because Ishigaki doesn't have a font.

We had like a million people at Church on Sunday so that was wonderful. We have a very strong spirit in our little branch, I feel such a part of it.

We have pushed Karimata Kyodai's baptism back so he can quit smoking.. right now he is doing 1 cigarette a day, and it's just so hard to give up that last one for him! But he has decided he wants to be baptised the same day as his friend, our other investigator, Nakamichi Kyodai who is an absolute legend! He came to Kei's baptisimal service and he has such a strong desire to be baptised himself because he knows the blessings it will bring him in this life and the next!

Also our main man Horada is a good bloke, he is moving to Nagoya soon so any missionaries in Nagoya, watch out for him! He is pera in English and is muki muki to the max.

Photos (no idea what order):
Yonaha Kyodai and Kei Shimai before the baptism
Eating Mexican food with Horada
Photo of our branch and those who came to Kei's baptism

Arigatouu! Mata!

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