Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Shamisen Shreddin' Mail

Just a quick email from Ishigaki to say konnichiwa! 
This week in review!

Had a Ping Pong activity and that was super fun.

Nakamichi Kyodai is a good bloke. He is our investigator who has been totally prepared for this message, and is progressing like crazy. He always expresses how much he wants to be baptised and has a date for July 5. Missionaries gave him a Book of Mormon years and years ago (seriously, that thing is old!) and when we met him on the street he wasn't interested, but that next time we visited him and he said he had been reading it and wanted to be baptised.. just a testament that no effort is ever wasted! I want to thank those missionaries so much that gave him that Book of Mormon!

Karimata Kyodai is a fair dinkum cobba, too. He has a baptisimal date in a few weeks, has received (almost) all the lessons and is currently trying to quit smoking. He has really found and built his faith over the last 2 months, and now he is down to 2 cigarettes a day, originally from 40. What a champion! The Gospel changes peoples lives to something unachievable without. 

This week's photos! Our investigator Teruya Kyodai (by the way for people that don't know, Kyodai means Brother. Just in case you were wondering why everyone has the same name!) and his wife, who we teach during their down time in their barber shop, shreddin' his Shamisen. It's an instrument originally from the Philippines, I believe, that is really big in Okinawan culture.
Also a photo from our refreshments at the Ping Pong activity.
And we also went to Maccas.

That's all, bai bai!

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