Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekly ...okay I'm running out of titles here Mail

Super quick update!
Progressing investigators! Baptismal dates! I don't know what to write! But I'm ecstatic!

We had a talent show which was super fun, and our new progressing investigator - her two kids came and performed a song from Frozen, it was way cool! So basically we are moving towards our goal, and right now we have two really solid people, one with a family, both praying and reading frequently. I know as they continue God will answer their prayers, and the change they are undergoing to grow closer to Him is beautiful and really keeps me excited for their future! It's wonderful to see these people change their lives from one normality to much more. The blessings Christ's gospel brings is so evident in these people alone.

We have a young lady who now has a baptismal date for next month, and a mother of a family who, even though we are terrible teachers and can't speak Japanese, continues to accept our commitments and even came to Church - because she can feel something different, something that she hasn't really felt before. She wants to know for sure before we set a baptisimal date, but has already changed from her normal self to someone changeable by God in just a week.

Thank you for all your prayers! This is the greatest work, I love it.

I didn't really take any photos this week, but we had a talent show so here is Elder Cope playing the ukelelelelewhatever and my companion and a member doing some sweet song that makes me cry every day. 

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