Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Okinawa Mail

So adjusting to life in Okinawa City has been fantastic so far. It's my biggest area yet, and my companion Elder Richards and I white-washed in as Zone Leaders over Ginowan, the north Okinawa zone.
For those of you that don't know what white-wash means, it's when both members of the companionship transfer into a new area together. On top of that, we are over two wards; an American and a Japanese, as there is an American base close by. That means two sets of Bishopric & ward council. It's no worries because I've learnt that more than anything trust in Heavenly Father is not only necessary but it's what makes the difference.

Actually, when I got the call from our President telling me about what I'd be doing next, the first thing I thought of was my dear trainer Elder Rogers. His family are with the military so I knew that he was returning to Okinawa after his mission which ended last week. Sunday was quite the reunion, now BROTHER Rogers is in my ward which I'll be attending every week. It was really funny seeing people ask him, along with me of course, where we're from and how much left we have on our missions, assuming we were the new missionaries to the ward.

I'll be honest, I've been quite nervous about the whole speaking-English-to-Americans thing, especially in finding. It'll take a while but for now I'm the most awkward person I've met. Felt right at home during our second sacrament meeting (the Japanese one, after attending the American one) as we started singing the opening hymn in a language I'm actually used to singing it. It'll take some time but don't worry I'll get there. It's like reverse-culture-shock.

Well I'm loving it so far, super humid and super hot, no investigators yet but we've already seen some of the fruits of the two of us hitting the ground running since Thursday.

Photos are of me leaving Nakatsu, with my new companion Elder Richards, and with my papa Brother Rogers.

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