Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Dokuritsu Kinenbi Mail

So it was Independence Day in America and because there is a U.S. Military base here in Okinawa City I was sucked in to a lot of patriotism this week. It started with a breakfast pancakes activity at the Church with the American wards and aside from being one of two non-Americans there, the worst was when they brought out the U.S. flag, everyone stood up, put their hands over their hearts and said the pledge of allegiance. I looked around and smiled, trying not to look like a communist. I embraced it during the American ward's Church meeting when we sung 'America The Beautiful' and other favorites. I mean 'favourites.'

Elder Richards had our first Zone Training Meeting together and it went really well, we focused on building ourselves up & building others up. It was, like usual, a really uplifting experience for me. 

Here's a sweet miracle. Earlier in the week we went to an A&W fast food restaurant, and I spent and ate way too much, which made Dendo super hard that night, but two days later we found ourselves at McDonalds (we're trying to use time more effectively by not having to return home and leave again for dinner) and a lady came up to us saying she saw us at A&W and wanted to talk! She has a lot of interest in seemingly everything from our English class to Church and wants to take us out to lunch this week, so that was exciting.

So far our white washing has gone well, we're out working hard and finding lots of new people to teach, so I'm grateful for that. 

Enjoy some pictures!

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