Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekly Bamboo & Stamina Mail

June will be a great month.

Had the sickest zone training meeting, which brought out all out Dendo Fire. I went on companion exchanges with Elder Whisenant and aside from posing next to dekai bamboo trees and knocking on uninhabited doors we rode out to a place we decided on and the second & third people we talked to were both young mums who accepted a Book of Mormon, the invitation to read a passage and a return appointment for next week. We had a really good few minutes with them each, and I've come to find that it's easier to turn situations rom awkward to super funny in Japanese than English (still working on my English skills, that's for sure). His companionship will take those two appointments but it was really fun to be a part of that, and really enjoy the day because we both had a lot of faith, confidence and a good attitude from when we got out the door.

At another point, with my companion Elder Reed, we were housing and talked to a woman through the inter phone and we talked for a little about the Book of Mormon and then she asked us to put a pamphlet in her letter box, so we happily did, then went on our way. We were standing at the doorstep of a house across the street when we both felt like we needed to go back and see if we could schedule an appointment because for some reason it just slipped my mind after she asked for the pamphlet! I spent a few seconds thinking about what'd happen if we went back and it was totally awkward and didn't work out & how much courage it's actually take, and then I thought about if it worked out... So we did it, said, "hey I know we were just talking, but.." and as simply as that, set an appointment for this week.

Doesn't sound like a terribly great thing but for us missionaries in Nakatsu trying to find someone who will let us come back to teach them, we think it's a pretty great miracle!

Enjoy the photos of our beloved branch president taking us out to all-you-can-eat-cook-your-own-meat appropriately titled 'Stamina,'
some Dendo adventures, and my bean-chan with his tie on backwards.

Mata ne.

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