Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekly Kaigoroshi Janai Mail

Ate okonomiyaki again. This time we made it for an activity with a few people we teach English to every second week (outside of our regular English Conversation class).

Had interviews with our Kaicho and the training we have been getting has been so applicable and we have seen such great results from it! We continued working super hard and met a bunch of new people who we have return appointments with. In terms of numbers, it's the most we've ever met in one week!

We returned to a few that we met last week and taught 3 lessons to people other than our usual people, and my companion Elder Reed and I have really gotten good at teaching in unity and even though he's only second transfer so doesn't understand a whole lot of Japanese, I feel like he is much more involved, prepared and switched on than when I was in my first area a year and a half ago.

Finding by the Spirit is a thing, a real thing. Last night we finally went to a neighborhood we had been eyeing off and planning to go to for the last two weeks and were able to teach lots of people, everyone was really humble and receptive, and made a number of return appointments for this coming week. We were both filled with joy and so much Dendo Fire the whole night. I know this work is the true work of God.

Photos: okonomiyaki party, random (what are these things called in
English) we found on a street, and a shot of what our area looks like.

I'm scrambling for photos, forgot to take any as you can tell.

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