Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekly Yahata Mail

We had many more miracles that strengthened my faith this week. I guess I don't really mention it in my weekly emails but over my mission my faith has grown so much. At the beginning I thought I had faith, but I didn't believe that we could go outside and actually find people or rather go out and be led to people who were prepared. Not sure why I didn't believe that, but now it's a different story, and we see miracles and blessings every day, it's incredible. I know this work is the work of The Lord and that it's possible through our Saviour Jesus Christ.

This week we also went to the city of Kita Kyushu (Yahata) which is an hour and a half by train away, and went on companion exchanges. I went with Elder Vance who was in Ishigaki with me in my first transfer. In the photo I'm wearing a Jinbei - old Japanese man pajamas.

Lastly, I held my first District Meeting this last week, and it was pretty good! That sums it up I think.

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