Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Gold Snapback Comeback Mail

Let me tell you about this week!
We went finding a lot, we got transfer news and I'm staying with Elder Reed in Nakatsu for my 5th transfer here, we had a party after our English class that went from a farewell to a "no one is transferring" party, had sukiyaki - cooked meat dipped in raw egg with rice & vegetables - at The Tanaka's (Tanaka Shimai is a member & her husband is our investigator), had companion exchange with everyone's favourite Elder Malaska, ate lunch at a dodgy place that served us free raw meat, had a few lessons with our main man Takeda who is up to Mormon in his Book of Mormon speed reading adventures who we are helping to pray so that he can receive his own answer from God that it's true, played Basketball (made a few shots, pretty impressive), went home teaching with the Ogura's at the Kai's, watched some fireflies, climbed a mountain with Tanaka Shimai (She's 74!) and ate okonomiyaki.
Also the gold snapback made a comeback.

Pretty good, right?

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