Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Udon Mail

Ferociously fantastic week.
So here's the sitch. In this area we don't have many investigators so we spend most of our time finding people who will receive us or who have been prepared to meet us, by housing or streeting. We have finding goals to push us to talk to more people and to be more focused in our finding. Usually we don't meet our goals because Nakatsu is very rural and doesn't have many people, but this past week Elder Reed and I were super pumped and determined to reach our goals. We have been working way hard this transfer but we felt if we did all we could to reach our goals, to talk to as many of God's children as we could, that He would trust & bless us with those people who are ready to meet the missionaries & hear our message.
As a result of that, not only did we see so many miracles, but we also reached our goals and met a number of new investigators who we are teaching this week!

It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is :P. Felt super good & happy all week, it was a really joyful experience.

We also met with Takeda-San, our main investigator, and taught him for the first time in 3 weeks (though we have been keeping contact through just calls and short visits), and he has been "speed reading" the Book of Mormon and is up to Mormon. He believes if he reads and prays that he can know it's true and so our meeting got him back on track because he has only been doing the reading part of the reading-and-praying promise, so! Things are looking great with him. It's way cool that we have become such great friends since we first found him while housing
3 months ago. Even though we weren't teaching him these last few weeks he'd call to see what's up and how we're doing.

This week we also went to see the BYU Wind Symphony concert, had Indo-curry one too many times and had an Udon party with Nakatsu branch for Family Home Evening.

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