Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Malaska Mail

We went to Kita Kyushu and had district meeting, then Elder Reed and I stayed and did companion exchanges with our district leader and his companion. Elder Reed went with our district leader's companion - so it was two first transfer Americans hitting up the big city talking to people on the street - and I went with our beloved district leader. Elder Malaska. My companion for 3 months, 2 months ago. Reunited again! 

Our time together was super fun, and actually we met this older man on the street who had totally been prepared. He joined the Catholic Church a year ago but as we started talking he told us he wanted to read the Book of Mormon, before we even really mentioned anything about it, and it just so happened that we were carrying one on us (such a rarity for missionaries to be doing that, right). We swapped numbers and left super grateful. Up until now every companion exchange has been in my own area, so it's been me who has followed up with the people we find, but it was interesting to be a part of the other side - I doubt I will meet that man again but that simple experience really strengthened my faith that there are prepared people who we can find in such big cities like Kita Kyushu, etc.

We were riding towards this enormous intersection and Elder Malaska turns and says, "This is called the blitz, ride fast or you'll get hit." I had never been more scared in my year and a five months of being a missionary, nor had I ever rode a bike that fast. Guess it makes up for all the times we got separated when we were companions because I could never keep up with him (yeah that happened).

Later in the week Elder Reed and I rode out to Usa-shi again and went to meet our new investigator Fujita-san, but she wasn't there so we just went finding and met a woman who was really interested in the Book of Mormon and we scheduled an appointment with her for this week. So something that may have been disappointing at first turned out to be really special.

Among other things Umeda and Wakamori from Nobeoka came to Nakatsu and we had a really fun time at the Nakatsu castle, and it was incredible catching up with them after five months! And two of our English class friends took Elder Reed and I to a Wysteria garden complete with killer bees!
Enjoy some photos:

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