Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekly iPad Mail

Yeah so we got iPads.

Aside from that, Elder Reed and I rode out to the famous Usa Shrine which I visited with Elder Malaska on New Years Day and I replicated the photo I took then only without the tens of thousands of people, and without freezing to the bone.

On Friday night we were out housing and we met a lady who had met missionaries a year ago and read a little from the Book of Mormon but didn't understand it. So we asked if we could come back Sunday night, and when we did we read Moroni's two invitations in Chapter 10 (1. read & pray to know it's true, and 2. to come unto Christ and be perfected in him) and had a spiritual little message. She said she wants to learn how to pray and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon along with the invitation to read Enos. Her name is Yumi and we both felt super good about her so we have high hopes!

Takeda called us after almost a week of no contact and we were able to meet and have a great lesson with him, and even met his Mum - turns out they both met missionaries years ago when they lived in Tokyo, so the idea of two weird white kids in their house teaching them about Jesus Christ isn't all that strange to them. Super grateful for the missionaries who met Takeda & his Mum,Yumi, and all the other investigators I've met on my mission. No effort is wasted, something that has been flashing in my mind all week.

And here is a photo of our Basketball blokes.

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