Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Reed Choro no saisho no uketa kancho Mail

Today I will share one experience and many strange photos.

We were housing at a place we prayed about and felt good about going to, and we met a man called Suzuki who listened to us teaching him, simply, about Baptism. I asked him if he felt like this is something that could help him and he said yes. It surprised me to be honest, so I asked him again and he said yeah. So we swapped numbers and made an appointment to meet next week to teach him more! 
Elder Reed's Japanese is improving so much and he's a stellar senkyoshi. Our relationship is really good and my Japanese has improved greatly, too. Really trying to make this a 50/50 companionship and it's not all that hard to be honest, he already has way more confidence than I did when I was a bean-chan.
We haven't made much contact with Takeda for the past few days, after our lesson where we aimed to set a baptisimal date with him. He said he would think about it, and even though he understands the doctrine and applications seemingly perfectly, he isn't very confident about having to give up smoking in order to be baptised. But, he said whenever he reads the Book of Mormon, he has a feeling like he should do it, and I know that is the Spirit pointing him in the right direction. I know that God will make things right for him, and help him.

And now for the moment you've been waiting for. 

Photos should explain themselves actually. But take note of the power ring. 

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