Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekly Straya Mail

Let me tell you about the most miracle-filled day ever.

We made some fantastic goals to help the branch grow this year and have started finding less-active members to work with. Particularly we are focusing on young families. This week we were streeting and (I want to say random, but I know it wasn't random!) housed a young mother, who we started sharing our purpose with, etc, and then eventually she was like "yeah my husband and I were married in the Salt Lake City Temple" and showed us a photo -- so yeah, she's a member! It was really... weird. But super funny, because we had no idea. She said we can come back sometime and meet her husband who is American, so hopefully we can start working with them soon.

Along the same street we met another young mother (not a secretly-LA-member) who we gave a short message about the purpose of life and the Book of Mormon to, gave her a Book of Mormon and marked Alma 34 for her, and made a return appointment for this coming week.

Later that night we had dinner with Tanaka Shimai, a member and her friend who she invited. The way it happened was last week when Elder Powell, the new missionary to this area, came, Tanaka Shimai picked the four of us up to take us to her place for lunch, and on the way we saw her friend who looked puzzled/interested/confused seeing a 80-ish year old Japanese lady with four white 20 year old boys in her car, so she stopped and explained who we were and invited her to dinner a week later. So, we had the dinner and shared a nice message about Temples and the Book of Mormon. She accepted a copy and she said she is really interested, so hopefully we will meet her again this week.

This past weekend was Stake Conference in Fukuoka which was incredible, Elder Ringwood came and talked and it seemed to go right along with the kind of miracles we have seen this week. Right on.

No photos this week. Okay that's boring, let me see what photos my companion took this week.
Okay here I am wearing an Australian hat because today is Australia Day, and also Spiderman. 

And here I am locking my bike. Yeah. But Mum don't upload these to Facebook.

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