Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weekly Jingu Mail

Konnichiwa or something similar

The New Years Resolution my companion and I have made is to not speak a word of English - and if we do, it's a push-up for each word. Get fluent or die trying. 

For New Years Day we went to a famous shrine, and felt strange as two white Christians but we talked to a bunch of people who were really outgoing and friendly to let us know what was happening. A peak into the culture of Japan.

This week we have been just straight finding. In Nobeoka, my last area, we were seeing huge miracles frequently. Here in Nakatsu, I'm learning to recognize less-recognizable miracles.
The other day we housed an old man who let us into his genkan (the area where the door is) and we sat down and talked, he said he had interested and we could come back if we were nearby some day, and when we left we helped him up onto his feet. I felt this absolute surge of love for him and I felt the Spirit for sure. 
We housed a man who fitted the description of someone we planned to find, a middle-aged father of a family, who we taught about the Plan of Salvation and he said we could come back another time.
Last night we had a totsuzen lesson (on the spot at the door quick little lesson) with a lady about the Word of Wisdom, because that is what she knew about the Church! When we asked to return another time, she said 'no that's okay, that is sufficient,' and that was okay, I walked away feeling really good. I felt a lot of hope that some time in the future missionaries would visit her again and share more with her, and maybe that will be sufficient for her then too, but maybe it will be enough for her to want to hear more. Or maybe it will take multiple visits.

But it's just these kinds of daily miracles that make my time here in Nakatsu. We aren't teaching anyone, our one investigator can't meet these days because it's a busy time of year, but we are hoping to visit this week and watch The Restoration together.

Enjoy some photos of the Usa Jinguu (Usa Shrine).
Love, Elder Wheeler

Yoi o toshi o!

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