Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Jou Life Mail

Third flat tire in two weeks, going for a record.

Went to Nakatsu castle and had a jolly old time. Elder Crawford left and we got a missionary who was at the MTC when I was, Elder Powell.

Still doing a lot of housing. Last night we visited a potential investigator, and older man confined to his home because of a brain fault which he had last year. He is interested in Christianity and Christ because he watched a movie about Jesus Christ (I think it was the Mel Gibson one), so he said we can return next week because he wants to hear. Great blessing. 

Among all our interesting contacts this week, there was one where we met a lady (probably 40s-50s) who was Japanese-Buddhist but her friend is Christian and they talk about Christianity all the time. We shared our message and she really appreciated it and she loves everything she hears about Christ, but because she is her religion by culture she doesn't feel she can let us come back to teach her more, so we gave her our little flyer which we give to everyone, which just has a bunch of questions that have been answered through the Restoration (no answers, just questions). It was a really good contact and I felt super good, and when we gave her the flyer she read it and she said kind of like "you know what, I'm going to take this when I meet my friend this week and I'll talk to her about this because I know she would be interested," and that's kind of where it ended... but yet another tender mercy of the Lord to see that.

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