Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Icanunderstandpeoplenow Mail

So I have a new companion! The breaker! Elder Lefrandt from Hawaii who is half Japanese and has a bit of French in there somewhere (hence his name) who has been out for almost a year. He is fully sick! So far it has been great seeing and doing things differently with a new companion. It has also been pretty crazy how much my Japanese has improved over the last 6 weeks, and I only realised it this week really - when I started finding that I was able to actually carry conversations on my own for once! Haha. And understand people too! I can actually understand the change in words now, instead of everyone's sentences just sounding like one long word.


Our branch president drove us up to the top of this mountain on Ishigaki this week, and the view was crazy good, beaches, mountains, the city, farm lands, everything! That's where the photo was in the one I attached - Elder Lefrandt it the one by me, the huuuuge Elder is Elder Hendersen from California and he is Elder Mineta's new companion! Elder Mineta is now area senpai, so he rules Ishigaki with an iron first, a pair of chopsticks and his glasses which he broke while cleaning them. Bit of electrical tape fixed them right up - good as new!


Before our old companions left, our branch president also took us to this island resort for a buffet lunch. Would recommend, Ishigaki is the bomb.


We visited a former investigator who had a baptisimal date who we had to eventually stop meeting with, just to call in and say happy birthday. He let us in and we all sung Happy birthday in english together and it was hilarious! He said to us his feelings about the missionary discussions and again said that he believed it all to be true, but felt overwhelmed by trials and so on. It wasn't really something that he talked with us about before, but all the while, it testified to me that if people are to accept the Gospel and make that first covenant, baptism, it will be at the right time. And I don't know when that is, but every time I think about him, I just have this feeling that things will work out for him. He has accepted it, but needs to act on it. So all we can do is help and serve him and encourage him, and if he doesn't progress any more with us here, I am sure he will when the time is right.


We have an investigator with a current baptisimal date - and we went to visit her but I forgot where she lived! And my senpai was no where to be seen! (Actually he is in Kumamoto, which is lightyears away from this little island) But she called us and told us to wait by the post office and she came down and found us and walked us back haha. It was a little embarrassing when I finally remembered where it was, but she loves talking to us, she loves reading the Book of Mormon, and she loves praying, so I am happy to do anything for her. Service makes the world go around!


Thank you everyone for reading and as always I appreciate your emails! Love you all!

-Elder Wheeler


Yesterday we didn't have access to a computer so we Dendo'd instead of Email, so don't think I'm wamp because I'm emailing on Tuesday!!! haha

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