Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekly Gaijin Power Letter!

To avoid writing the same thing as every other missionary I will spare you the 'where has the time gone' and 'this week has been crazy' lines and cut right to the chase! We got dear John'd by one of our progressing investigators (literally, they brought out a letter but we couldn't read the kanji so they ended up just reading it out loud to us), and another one of ours went from progressing and improving every day, to hardhearted and unteachable in two days but they said we could still be friends! Just like a break-up, hey. 

Well! The first investigator that I mentioned just needs a break from all the stress that comes with their sickness, of which they are having a low point in, so as heartbreaking as it was when they said they couldn't continue with us, in the end they are still accepting of Christ, still loving the Book of Mormon, and I know that they will have that chance to follow Christ more fully in the near future!

The second investigator I spoke of unfortunately has made an end to our talkings about Christ, but still wants to talk with us. It was pretty disappointing, but all the while we feel like we're not reaching the right people -- the people who have been prepared by God to receive this message, who will really contribute to this small in number but big in heart branch we have here. As always, we kept a positive attitude and as a result of these experiences have started working harder than ever (each day is better than the last here), and have found two new potential investigator families! One a young couple who we haven't been able to really sit down and teach, but from our short visits they have invited us back twice although they hadn't had time for us at those points in time, and are interested in the Book of Mormon, and another young family, a Mum and a Dad, and two crazy kids. 

Actually, with those two kids, the contact started like this.. we knocked on the door of an apartment and the kid answered, when she saw me she freaked out yelling 'foreigner!' (in japanese of course) and got her Mum and brother. As my companion Elder Lefrandt talked with the parents I ended up entertaining the kids, it was way funny. The Dad came out and they invited us back tonight! So I will leave you all on a cliff hanger! But they love Australians way too much. Gaijin power!

Interestingly enough the exact house after which we visited, the kid saw me and freaked out, only no return appointment with them. Maybe I should start charging people to take photos with me? Uh oh, it's starting to go to my head!

Ishigaki is awesome and it's transfers next week and although it's quite unlikely that I will leave, I really, really, really hope I stay because it's the best place in the world! 
In western counties, you would usually say 'lets get some japanese' when you want japanese food. but here, you say 'lets get some american' and thats what this weeks photo is about.

So for the tl;dr's! Main points of this week.. always look for the right people the Lord wants you to, always keep a strong positive attitude so you can keep the work going when things get turned upside down, always look for ways to learn from your experiences, and always be a white person if you are in Japan.

Thank you all. Love you!

Elder Wheeler

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