Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Just Waiting for a Goat Mail

So there's this bridge with a bit of land off to the side with this random goat just chilling there all day long, and I can literally think of no idea why he's there. But he loves taking photos with us.

Awesome spiritual experience this week! After our lesson on the Restoration with our progressing investigator this week, we met with her to answer her questions about why she needed to be baptised if she has already been baptised in a different church (which she no longer goes to). So we prepared and everything, and as we met her, I just felt like.. her countenance had changed. There was something different about her, and I just felt this warmth.. she told us before we even really started talking that she had a dream where she was baptised by going completely under the water and coming up out of it. She said she feels like that's what she needs to do, what God wants her to do. And we didn't even talk about what we were going to originally! She is excited to progress and she enjoyed Conference this week. We are planning for May, which is super quick for Japanese people apparently, but I feel so much joy in sharing with her what I know, absolutely know, to be true - from everything I have seen in my life to everything I see day to day here in Ishigaki, Okinawa, Japan. This is a wonderful work and I am glad I get to share it all with you!

Love from Elder Wheeler

Photo 1 - the island of the goats home
Photo 2 - my main man, G.O.A.T.

Photo 3 - everyone from mainland Japan is sending these sweet photos of beautiful trees and blossoms, so I want to feel included. I love the scenery here, it's probably just pretty average to a lot of you, but every where I look reminds me of anime I watched as a kid, so a little bit of fanboying goes on here and there.

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