Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekly Miracles Letter

Week of miracles! This week we were riding somewhere and stopped to talk to these two men, the Nakasone Bros., about 45-50 years old, and they have had a really rough life, but we knew as we were talking to them how perfect the message of the Gospel was for them! Long story short, since meeting them we have had 3 lessons at their home (they love inviting us over), they both came to Church where we taught them a fourth time, and the younger brother has a baptisimal date for June. Just wow. Already we are such great friends with them, and after teaching the Restoration, one said he was really moved by it, and he believed it to be true. The older brother doesn't talk very much and didn't accept (or deny) the invitation to be baptised, but I know he will! 

We now have 3 baptisimal dates, such a blessing to see the change in people as they begin, firstly, to believe in God and how He can and will help us, and then as they begin preparing to make their first convenant with him. The baptisimal date for Karimata Shimai, who has been progressing so much in the last month, has been pushed back for more time to prepare. 

I don't know how likely it is that I will be transferred in the next two transfers, but setting these baptisimal dates for people I would absolutely love more than anything to see baptised at a time when I may not be here has really helped me keep a perspective on this being the Lord's work and not my own. I'll be honest.. I'm just happy I can meet these wonderful people (and understand more and more of what they say each time we meet them!), but the opportunity I have to simple invite, or testify to, is something I will forever be grateful for. Missionary work is beautiful. I love every moment here.

On Saturday we taught 5 lessons, after 2 fell through! We were flat out, riding from one appointment to the next, that is by far the most I have had in a day here - and one was in English! My first lesson in English! It was so bizarre hahaha. It was with this awesome American/Japanese family who love the Missionaries and love studying with us.

This is a long as email but last night we went to this beach house where this Japanese LDS lady sung songs and bore her testimony, and this morning we played volleyball with our branch president and his work mates! Sports in Japanese is so funny, one of the other missionaries investigators (coolest guy ever), when the ball came to our side, was like "mai, mai, mai!" or something, which means "forward" but my companion and I thought he was saying "mine, mine, mine!" so we left it and the ball just hit the ground and everyone laughed at us.. Lost in Translation indeed. 

That's all! Thanks for reading otsukaresama desu!

Today's photos is Elder Mineta taking in the beautiful view and us four Ishigaki Elders at the beach house event.

Aishite imasu!

Elder Wheeler

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