Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekly Just Waiting for a Transfer Call Mail

Transfer week, haven't got the call yet and even though I have only been here for 2 transfers I feel like President is going to transfer me out and get some big guns down here because he really wants this area going, y'know! Just my prediction. 

 The awesome family we met last week have since become progressing investigators, it's the first time we have been able to actually teach a (fairly) young male, let alone a young male and his family. They are super awesome and I love them so much already! 

 In a lesson with an investigator who has been investigating for about 11 years I was prompted to randomly invite them to Church, even though we weren't talking about that, so I did, but he said he wouldn't come. But! He opened up and said some things he had never said to us before which have really helped us to go in the direction we need to, after being so stumped on what we can do for him for so long. Promptings can mean a lot, even though they are mostly just something simple like that. And even if the outcome is different to what you may originally expect, greatness can definitely come from it.

 Photos! Our apartment, Elder Mineta (a.k.a. Area Senpai, a.k.a. Elder Ishigaki) and Elder Henderson gearing up for the rainy season, and this creepy narrow staircase with cockroaches everywhere we climbed to invite someone to Eikaiwa to. I have overcome my fear of everything. 

Things here are way fun.

I feel like I'm a better missionary as each day passes.

There is an experience in everything we do, and learning from it and recognising it is the best.

Ok bye

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