Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Nihongo Suru Mail

Final week of my first transfer in Ishigaki, Okinawa, Japan! The weather is getting pretty hot, it is only barely Spring, and we are sleeping with the sliding doors open with the air con on and everything (sounds like a stupid idea, but its worth it, trust me). 


We had to drop our main progressing investigator this week because he stopped progressing which means we had to drop our baptisimal date for him, but in goes his progress record in to the area book, for missionaries to find him again sometime later, and I know that since he was enjoying learning and growing closer to God now that he will again when he overcomes the problems he is facing now which stopped him from progressing, or when he remembers how great the Lord's help was, that initial time he aimed for a life in Christ.


We met up with a former investigator who we set a baptisimal date for, and she wants to learn and change which is wonderful, I hope as we continue to teach and testify to her that the Spirit bears witness to her that these things are true and the truthfulness of Christ's Gospel has been restored on the earth in these latter-days.


This week we had a record of 3 people at our weekly English class! We have a lot of fun and this week we had an exercise called 'speak like a ___' so Elder Rogers stood up and taught everyone how to speak like an American by saying 'I hate ___' and 'I love ___.' Then I got up and taught everyone how to speak like an Australian by teaching them 'G'day Mate' and 'Cheers Cobba.' Then for the final one we taught them how to speak like a New Zealander, by getting them to say 'churr ayee boo ayouuwaae!' (I had some NZ friends who used to incorporate weird noises into their sentences which somehow gained meeting, so we were just making fun of them really). And the Japanese people loved it. Hopefully some day when they meet a New Zealander they have an opportunity to use that one. 


We also met a lady who spoke in tongues (scary), and I also told someone in Japanese that Jesus killed their sins.


Fun in Ishigaki! As always I appreciate hearing from all of you, take care.

Love Elder Wheeler


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