Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Cow Tongue Mail

Jen was set apart as a missionary so I spent waaay too much time writing to her saying how proud of her I was, SO, I have just a few minutes left of the clock just to remind everyone that I am still alive and kicking and that Ishigaki is the best place on Earth.


This week has seen the reactivation of a sister in our small yet cosy branch (we average about 17 people every week at church); our investigator being knocked down and has jumped right back up, testifying to us the strength of the atonement and how the desire to change gives strength from our loving God who wants us to do our best; we met a bunch of amazing potential investigators, one of which said in our first meeting with her that she believed our teachings to be true and is super excited to start studying the Book of Mormon for herself; a random man on the street stopped us and bought us lunch one day when I was hungry; we cut grass with scythes; I gave my first cohesive lesson; and we ate at a place called 'Gasto' where I unknowingly ate cow tongue.


This week has brought so many blessings and I have seen some wonderful miracles because of the service to the Lord. No matter what situation we are in or what our beliefs are - service is the greatest thing we can do for anyone, because love is what makes us human.


Love Elder Wheeler


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