Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly Language Crisis Mail

Another amazing week in Ishigaki, this week we went to zone conference up in Naha which is on the main island of Okinawa and I got to catch up with one of my MTC companions Elder Inagaki! It's awesome to see just how much we have changed in only a month, I think it's same to say we both have a greater insight of service which I know for myself has in turn boosted my confidence in being bold in sharing what I know to be true. Because how else will people know of this greatness we have if we are too shy to share it? So to every one out there - let's be bold and courageous together!


Another short email this week, I really need to get better at using my email time wisely.

But! Our Stake President came to Ishigaki for the first time this week and he is awesome, couldn't ask for a better President. We have some ideas to try and get the missionary work moving a bit quicker so I am excited to see what we can do this week with hard work and prayer.


While in Naha, Elder Rogers heard some people speaking Chinese, so we walks over to a group of people and says some missionary phrases in Mandarin, and in perfect English one replies 'we are Korean.' Even though we are in Japan, the trick is to not expect people to speak either of the two languages you think they speak. And that's my deep thought for the day!


Love you all! 

Elder Wheeler

Elder Inagaki

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