Monday, March 3, 2014


Super short weekly email today! Yesterday we were walking to Church and saw the first gaijin (foreigner) I have seen in a week on the way who was all `I guess Im going the wrong way` which we thought at first he was mocking us, but nope, he was from Idaho, just backpacking and camping his way around asia, from Taiwan to Ishigaki. So this meant that I wasn`t the only one at church that day who didn`t understand everything! He didnt speak Japanese. And to all my friends in Australia, I was looking at him all day wondering who he reminded me of.. then it hit me! He is the doppleganger of James/Clint, the `just waiting for a mate` guy! I almost burst out laughing in priesthood meeting when I realised. 


We visited the coolest family ever who talk to me in crazy Japanese that I may never understand and are cool when I just smile and make bad japanese jokes in bad japanese. I had a few awkward door approach moments when I forgot what I was saying because Im just that much of an awkward guy who forgets what language he is speaking. we met an awesome investigator who has the craziest kid ever who followed us like hundreds of metres away from her house, we were like those ex-millitary guys in movies who get stuck looking after some little kid. but we got her back safe haha.


Elder Rogers my companion is red headed, and you know what that means? It means japanese people asking for photos, makes us feel like superstars! we had this group of kids run after us yelling `photo! photo!` and so we were like `eh what the heck` haha so somewhere on facebook theres probably a photo of a bunch of Japanese kids with two gaijin giving peace signs haha. 


this week in lost in translation, this old dude was saying this long thing while chuckling, and I had no idea what he said so I smiled and said `ahh sugoi` (meaning `cool`) and after an awkward silence my companion whispered in english `no, not sugoi, his family died`


Thanks for reading and thanks for your emails! My awesome girlfriend is going to the MTC next week, serving the temple square mission, so I spent all my email time telling her to find all my friends there haha, which is why this is so short and all over the place! 


Love you all, Elder Wheeler

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