Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 7 at the MTC

In Keanu Reeve's voice, "woah," because my MTC experience is almost over! This is my second last P-Day, after this weekend we have a full week before we leave for Japan! It's surreal, I prepared so much for leaving home for the MTC but didn't think I'd need to prepare to leave the MTC, at some points I just thought I'd spend 2 years at the MTC in Utah! 


This week on Cade Triffitt Watch, we found another 2 teachers who know the famous Elder. Gregory Kyodai and Pearson Kyodai at two different times after learning I was from Tasmania asked me if I knew him. I think they liked me a lot more after I said I did, and one of them was saying how much of an amazing missionary Triffitt Choro was, and that he was an awesome example, which is really great! That makes... 8 teachers here that know him. Or was it 9? I can't remember. But the myths are to be believed, that's for sure.


This week has been really full on, we got our Japanese name tags which are awesome! I'm back in our original Sannin, our trio companionship with Elder Garrard and Elder Inagaki, the one we were put in for our first 3 weeks at the MTC. We've had some ups and some downs from this week, but all of it has been in preparation for the next 22 months and I can see that clearly. 


For Australia Day, Elder Barr (Brisbane), Cooper (Brisbane), Mahoney (Adelaide), Rostedt (Harvey Bay) and Sister Brown (NZ... yeah, I know, right? Whatever) sat together and we had weetbix (that I traded some Vegemite for, off Elder Watson from Melbourne going to South Korea), vegemite toast, and cold milos. We wore Australia Day stuff, and sung the national anthem and everyone around us was clapping afterwards. It was pretty obnoxious of us, but everyone was laughing and having a good time. For lunch we had a tim tam slam, and showed our branch presidency what it was, as they were having lunch with us. Pretty good!


That night a few of us got together and took some more photos, and I met Elder Petrevich who's family is from Melbourne I believe, they came down and visited Tasmania last year! 


Well that's all for this week, great to hear from all of you who actually write to me unlike slackson and co. 



Haha just messing (not really) Love you all and hope you're all doing well!

Love from Elder Wheeler


Elder Barr and Elder Mahoney doing a spoon of vegemite for straya!

Elder Beatty (from st george) and Elder Barr doing the weetbix challenge on Australia Day Eve

Australia Day Eve

Australia Day breakfast

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