Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weekly Just Waiting for a Mail

Another day another dollar. No, literally, we get $6 a week, which leaves Sunday.

Last Sunday night we watched the Joseph Smith movie in Japanese (no subtitles) and it was so awesome! The prison rebuke scene is the coolest thing ever! It's like those old Japanese movies that apparently no one but myself has seen - yeah, those! But it was all in plain form, and I only really understand polite form, unless they talk really slow (which of course in the movie they don't haha), so if it weren't for the visual aid and the context I would have not known what on earth they were saying. It made me want to watch more Japanese movies though!

And guess who paid us another visit this week? David A. Bednar, only my favourite speaker! Tuesday night devotional he came back and answered more of the questions we asked him on Christmas, but made a talk out of it. It was awesome and man that Elder is funny! I'd tell you all about it, but secret MTC missionaries club only!

Sister Brown from the other district popped her head in the room, after we had just had an hour and a half of dead silence, and saw Elder Seable standing on Elder Bradley's knees and said, "This is what I think you do.. and it actually is what you do.." and it was pretty funny. Well, not really, but everything that lame is funny when you're at the MTC.

A guy who we shared a message with at TRC the other week came up to me this week and he asked if I knew an Elder Watson from Tasmania who baptised his grandmother 9 years ago. His name was Allen, and guess what.. he knows Cade Triffitt as well! He is seriously famous. I've been asked about him a fair bit here, from people who know him haha.

I met (as Elder Kennedy, one of our old Dai Senpai would say) "straight up Nihonjin" this week! The Japanese missionaries who are serving in Japan, but still have to come all the way here for 2 weeks for the MTC, are so cool! They're hilarious and I love talking to them in my horrible broken Japanese. They joke around heaps which is cool. I hope I have a Nihonjin companion when I'm in Fukuoka!

This week on Lost In Translation:
We got a new investigator (role played by our teacher) who's name is Kabasawa, and to get more information about her before we had a chance to teach her I accidentally said Kamisama which means God instead of her name, so I asked her "How old is God?" instead of "How old are you?" And she looked at me weird and started laughing and I was like "ohhh what did I say wrong this time?"
On the confusing spectrum, Sister Wilde in our Zone got a little muddled in her words and said, "When Jesus died, he became the Church." Hm, very interesting. Also the word for 'slave' and 'companion' are very similar so I can't wait to see what comes from that. Stay tuned for more!

We had a great experience during class this week, when we did some role playing and took as much time as we needed to, to share with someone else role playing as a kyudosha something we felt they would need to hear to come closer to Christ, and the outcome was beautiful. The spirit was so strong in the room, and both myself and Elder Moua (who I was doing the exercise with) were uplifted and it really testified to us that missionaries really are tools and instruments of the Lord. Our teacher said, if Christ were standing exactly where we were, what would he want to share with them, to bring them closer to him? My testimony of missionary work is increasing rapidly, even though we have only taught members and teachers, the spirit testifies every day that this is what I'm needed for, and I'm more determined and motivated each day to share what I know to be true with those who are ready to hear it. Christ lives and I see his influence in my life every day, always for the benefit of others.

Thanks to all those who have written to me, I love hearing from you all! Love from Elder Wheeler


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