Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year from the MTC

This week has been really fun, for new years we played bean boozled (where two beans looks the same but ones a nice flavour and ones a gross flavour) and Elder Weir ate three vomit jelly bean and threw up, and I got it on camera!!! Everyone was getting really bad ones except for me it seemed like, I filmed a lot of it. We also had a tim tam slam and just sat in Elder barr's room drinking soda (as they call it here) and talking. It was awesome to just chill out with all my friends. 


During one of our progressing investigator role plays (where our teacher plays a character) and I was meant to say "Mitama wa shinri o akashi shimasu" which means "the spirit testifies of truth" but instead of "akashi shimasu" I said "okashimasu" which I'll leave up to everyone else to find out what that means but I'm sure my Japanese speaking friends will feel my pain. My teacher was trying so hard to stay in character, and he corrected me, but our other teacher behind us observing almost started laughing and until we got back to the class and they explained to me what I had said, I had no idea. But I'm glad it happened to me here at the MTC with my teacher instead of out on the field, because it's not really something I'd want to say to a Japanese person!! 


Elder Taylor in our district who is fluent in Japanese was fast tracked, so I was split up from my two companions and am with Taylor's companion, Elder Heap. He's very knowledgeable in the Gospel which will be a real blessing for his companions out on the field and we're learning pretty well together. Our Japanese is about as good as each others, so our investigator role plays are pretty slow and dry but we're improving with every one! I'm very grateful for the training we have here because I've been able to see how much everyone has improved already!


I also tasted freedom during our service hour this week when four of us were driven to an old BYU campus where we moved couches and tables, which was super creepy, it was like a zombie apocalypse because the campus was left behind (and everyone staying there was moved to a newer one) but there were heaps of random things left behind, like letters and photos, and some of the bathroom lights were still on and everything... it was creepy as. 


Thank you to everyone who has been writing to me, and I apologise again for not replying to everyone, but is the best so get on to that, and I can send back physical letters to everyone if you include your physical address - I have way more time to write physically than on here. Love you all,


From Elder wheeler

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