Saturday, December 28, 2013

Biyouki Desu Ne - something about being sick!

Christmas week at the MTC was totally subarashii! 


We've taught two new investigators (both just two different characters of our teachers) but they're a bit more difficult, which is challenging but rewarding so far. The language is coming along more and more, and we're saying and understanding things I didn't expect to until I was out on the field to be honest, it's amazing.


I woke up sick on Christmas Eve but my loving companions were generous enough to stay in our room with me to sleep it off ;) I woke up at midday feeling much better, ready for the Christmas Eve devotional by Dave Evans of the Seventy, who had Sister Payne from the District come up and speak for 15 mins which was very uplifting. 


Christmas day was great, we had a nice hot breakfast and a hilarious talent show. Okay so you'd hear talent show at the MTC and think lots of lame solo performances of gospel songs right? Well luckily for me (hehe) it was the opposite - an hour and a half filled with funny songs, gags, and every performance was unique and fun. 


We had a delicious Christmas lunch and then a devotional by David A. Bednar! He's my favourite speaker so I was giddy when he walked out (because they don't tell you beforehand who the speaker is) and he based his talk on a live Q&A we had where they gave out hundreds of phones to the congregation to text anonymous questions. They were all really good and I took at least 2,000,000 notes. My companion and zone leader had been talking about a question to do with him all week, so they asked straight away and Bednar actually kept that question till last and bore his testimony on it! It was such a testimony builder and we were all so uplifted. My companion couldn't get over it haha. We had a musical program by Ray Smith which was fun (and quite a welcome break from the Christmas and gospel songs we've heard recently), and they did quite a lot of what the oldies call "jamming," and "freestyling."  All you youngens will have to look that one up ;) We watched the 2012 tabernacle choir video that night which was sugoi, but we had the most fun in our residence afterwards because we had a lot more time than usual so it was super fun.


Our Dai Senpai (elders who have been here longer, basically the ones we look up to) are leaving on Monday which is really sad because they're so awesome and are great examples to us!


Well that's all for this week, I'm going to send this to everyone on my contact list so if you're a missionary with as little time for emails as me I'm sorry if you read all of this and it took up all your time haha, and I'm also sorry to all those who I haven't replied to but an hour goes a lot quicker than you'd think! If you're back at home and would like to write to me, check out, it's the best thing ever. Ask my Mum about it too. Like seriously. 


Love you all! From Elder Wheeler.


Swag Out


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