Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Very First Email

As today is our first *official* day they are taking us around and giving us a tour of the MTC, even though I've been here for two nights and have seem almost all of the campus, and they're giving us 5-10 minutes to send an e-mail to our immediate family* before we continue on. It's freezing here, I've never felt weather this cold but it's dry so it's not bad, I'm staying in a temporary room with Elder Hladky from Austria and have for the last two days, until I get a permanent room and companion today. 

The food is disgustingly unhealthy but the first thing I tried was the chocolate milk. 20+ kg before departure confirmed.

Every tuesday we have a devotional with a general authority or member of the seventy, and last night we had Quentin L. Cook give a talk! It was awesome, and all the new missionaries got to sit up the front so I was only 9 rows away from him. Pretty big deal for someone who's never seen someone like that in the flesh before (aside from a glance at President Hinckley when I was like negative 20 years old).

I've made heaps of new friends already and everyone here is suuuper nice. It feels like I've been here a lot longer than just a day and a half. Once I slept in the bed, I didn't have any jet lag, but I'm still generally tired because I'm not used to the early hours.

I forgot to change my watch from LA time to Salt Lake City time, so we set my alarm to my time, and woke up at 5:30 and were ready by 6:00 thinking it was 7:00 which is when breakfast is, and we woke up the guys in the room next to us and they all got ready and stuff.. and we didn't realise till about 6:20 that we had another forty minutes before the cafeteria opened! Haha.

So this is my first e-mail, and our P-Days are on saturday, so on your sunday I'll send a better e-mail and some photos (I've taken heaps). I've also taken a bunch of videos I'll send to jen on an sd card. But yeah they're really hurrying us up so I can't actually read the e-mails everyone has sent me, but another thing is it's pretty strange for people to be calling me Elder and not Jayme flat out, but I'm slowly getting used to it. 

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