Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 4 at the MTC

Life at the MTC continues! Everyone's Japanese is really improving, and with our new schedule change everyone's a lot less tired.. but there's still an average of 11/11 people falling asleep during class throughout the day from our district. It's hard, but our teachers are hilarious and always make us feel comfortable even though one or more of us totally just fell asleep on them. Here are some interesting and funny things that have happened over the last week!


During TRC this week, which is when we go and meet with a Japanese speaking person and get to know them and share a message with them (just like a member visit out on the field), I know that I couldn't have said what I said if it weren't for the spirit which we all felt so strongly, because Elder Heap and I were so unprepared (mix up in schedule) but we went in there with the intent to help the volunteer come closer to Christ and from the feedback cards we got back, they really enjoyed their time with us and the spirit testified to them (and us) of the truthfulness of our message. It makes me so keen to go to Japan! I got an email back from one of our Elders from our previous intake (called our Dai Senpai) of him and his companion and already hearing from him makes me so crazy excited to go to Japan! I know there's a lot more for me to learn here though so I'm happy to stay here for a while longer!


This week on Lost In Translation, Elder Lough in our district, during one of his investigator role plays said that his family are able to live in the ceiling, instead of in heaven. Elder Inagaki, however, wanted to say "Through baptism and confirmation we show our commitment to God," however, insead of saying "ketsui" for commitment, he said "ketsu" for buttocks. So yep. Which one's worse, his mistake or mine from last week's email? Oh and did people figure that one out?


A video I watched recently that I enjoyed and wanted to share was 'Leave the party' on mormon chanel, you could probably search it on YouTube, but it's on and it's set in Japan, which makes it cooler! 


I got a letter from Brother Eli Atkinson from Launceston West Ward who mentioned he may know who my teacher, Brother Nic Fowers, was.. after confirmation from my teacher, it turns out that when Brother Atkinson was serving in Tokyo on his mission, he sung at my teacher's baptisim when he was 8! All the way in Japan! How crazy is that, haha. Another instance of 'small world' was when Elder Barr and I both said we had a friend serving in South Africa.. and it turned out to be the same person, Elder Christopher Reid, from Tassie who served in the mainland for a bit before getting his Visa. Also my other teacher, Brother Anderson, knew James Buckingham when they served. So much world, so little small.


It's been snowing again here which is cool! Hope to hear FROM MY FRIENDS!!! LIKE JACKSON CORONA WHO HASN'T WROTE TO ME IN A WHILE LIKE WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!! inu desu. demo ai shite imasu! 


I love you all, from Elder Wheeler.
from left to right is elder bahr (arizona), elder goldhamer (LA), myself, elder barr, elder ricketts (nevada), and elder heap on the far right who is my new companion, he's from utah. behind us is sister smith (idaho), sister lozano (mexico) and sister brown (new zealand, flamin' kiwi).

elder barr and I in the middle, the elder with the red scarfe to the far left and the elder laying down and squatting are from our intake, the rest are all our newer ones. we're all really good friends already and I think we've successfully made them feel comfortable and not miss their families cause we're way cooler!

sister lozano, sister brown, elder barr, then in the front elder weir and I, and behind us is goldhamer and bahr

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