Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekly Sakurakou Keionbu Mail

My ai suru companion left us this week to move onto bigger and better things: to Kita Kyushu as our District Leader. When we got to the train station to drop him off he left before we could say goodbye, saying, "Yeah see you guys next week." Every Monday morning the District Leader calls and we report on our week, so it was strange for him to call me his (number one) companion and hear a report on what he was here for half of (as transfers were on Thursday).

My new companion is Elder Powell from Colorado who is now transfer 9 (now I am transfer 10), who has been in this area for 6 weeks already - but now his companion has got a transfer 1 missionary, fresh from the Missionary Training Center!

Earlier in the week we went to a cool shrine that we've wanted to go to for a while. On my companions last night we had a mochi (crushed rice.. things) party after Eikaiwa. Last week I sent photos of o-hina-sama - traditional dolls that people set up at this time of the year for a festival. This week Elder Powell and I went to the nearby castle where they had an event including human o-hina-sama so we got a lot of nice squinty photos there because the sun is coming out these days (not for much longer though, before we know it it'll be rain season).

Here's a cool experience we had the other day! We decided on a place to go housing and kept to our plan, but no one was home aside from a few people that told us that we already came a few weeks ago. So, we finished up the street, prayed, and Elder Powell felt like we should hit up an apartment nearby. We did and met a young father who we had an awesome talk with, gave a Book of Mormon to, and made an appointment for next week. And it's not one of those bimyou return-visit-requests, he repeated it back to us, "so not this week, but next week, you will come here at around 3:30 on Wednesday and if I have read this part of the Book I will share my opinion and impressions and you will talk to me about it?" And we were like "yep!" so let's see how it goes! It has been a long time since we have been able to schedule an appointment with anyone here so I think it was a pretty grand miracle!

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