Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weekly Keisatsu Yatsu Mail

ほら! Nakatsu is the best, but don't be a jealous guy. Here are some tales from this week.

Elder Powell and I were on the third floor of this apartment, and we heard and saw this kid walking through the street singing the Dragon Ball theme song with all this excitement and energy, so I started singing it back to him but in English, and he had no idea where the mysterious voice was coming from. In what looked like a burst of ki, he shouted "dragon ball is the best!" and took off down the street.

Now for something that has something to do with missionary work.
We rode an hour into the wilderness and visited a lady we met a few weeks ago who owns a cafe that was an elementary school 100 years ago. Elder Powell cut some wood for her while I made encouraging remarks - and he was working so hard, my arms got sore just watching. We talked for a while and tried something we have never done before; we said that we wanted to leave her with something, handed her a Book of Mormon, and without explaining anything went on our way. She said she'll give it a read, so we'll see what happens!

The next day we rode to a nearby city and visited an apartment complex that we prayed about earlier and felt like we should go there, and we met a lady who accepted the Book of Mormon and a return appointment for next week. We explained the purpose of it, and invited her to read 3 Nephi 11, and she said that she's home in the evenings so she will read it by then. Miracle #67854.

In other news, we were stopped by police late at night which was a first, no interrogations - I think they were too softened up by our as-polite-as-we-could-have-made-it polite Japanese.
We also tried some swing-dendo (photo below). Good times in Nakatsss.

Photos: Quick snap with Notorious B.I.G., Dendo in the hood and Swing Dendo.
Checked out another shrine next to a member's house. Look at my face, then read in Nicolas Cage's voice: "what are these strange white tokens?" 

Another photo is of the neighborhood we dendo'd this week. 

The last is what a door looks like when it's closed.

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