Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly Kiseki Dake Mail

It's getting warm, we even sweated a little the other day. Still trying to get the most of out it not being summer because.. yeah. We'll get to that in another few months.

This week we met with a few people, here's the story of Isayama-san! 
We met on Wednesday housing, he is a 70-ish year old single man living alone. When we first started talking he wasn't all that interested, but he said he had a Bible, and that all he does is research his family history. And I was like, "woah, you'd get along with my Mum!" and then (just kidding) we shared a little about our family history, and I shared my story of my ancestors being sent to Australia. This got him a little interested, and he opened up a bit more. Then we shared a short message about the Book of Mormon and he happily took it, and a return appointment, even saying, in the most humble & respectful way that I know, if it's convenient for you please come here again. We returned a few days later, he was waiting for us, and he taught us about earthquakes and the geography of Japan, and we taught him about God's plan of happiness. I was messing up with my Japanese so much for some reason, but it was made all right at the end when we reviewed what we had taught, testified of its truthfulness, shared our own personal experiences and promised him his own blessings.

We also visited Santaro-san, who we have met three times now - he is the man who can meet every other week. He seems to have a sincere interest and has been reading the Book of Mormon really carefully to understand it. We had another super great lesson with him. We taught him the Restoration, and I told him an experience that I had when I was young that helped me with my testimony, that I prayed and felt my heart fill with peace and clarity through the Holy Spirit, that I feel it every time I pray or read the scriptures or go to Church, and that I was feeling it at that exact moment as we were speaking. It was a really powerful moment in our lesson and I feel that this really is the Lord's work and it is His desire for us to be sharing these experiences with Santaro-san and the other people we meet!

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